Mani Batra is a business entity owned and operated by a Tibetan based in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. I specialized in a production, designing and making a one-of-a kind, high-end custom rugs as well as many other unique items .  I also deal with rare, natural and exotic fibers woven into fabrics such as high altitude Mongolian camel hair, Tibetan plateau yak hair, high altitude Tibetan sheep and goat wool, Nepal’s wild undomesticated silk, nettle, and hemp to name a few.  I  collaborate with local artists in Nepal to create products like Tibetan patch work from used, vintage and discarded hand woven women’s traditional Tibetan apron as a recycled art work similar to tapestry. We supply high quality and customized rugs directly to major companies in US.


Tenzin C Tsogyal

Founder & Owner

Meet the Founder

I am Tenzin, the founder and owner of Manibatra. I have more than 25 years of experiences dealing with Tibetan rugs- from the sourcing of the Himalayan wools to the weaving of exotic rugs. I have dealt with customers in Europe, Asia and United States. I work directly with customers in choosing the fibers, types of dye, and design of the final rugs.